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Concrete Resurfacing Product


Use Fusion-Crete to resurface spalling, which is damage to the surface of sound concrete. Click photo for solution.
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Repair Broken Curbs


Damaged curbs can be restored without forms using Fusion-Crete modified mortar. Click photo for solution.
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Eliminate Trip Hazards


Apply a non-slip Fusion-Crete modified overlay to correct a trip hazard or drainage issue. Click photo for solution.
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Repair Damaged Stairs


Fusion-Crete modified mortar repairs broken concrete steps or resurfaces damaged concrete stairs. . Click photo for solution.
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Resurface Driveways


Renew the appearance of an ugly driveway with Fusion-Crete. Click photo for solution.
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Retaining Walls


Restore the profile of damaged or rotten retaining walls with Fusion-Crete. Click photo for solution.
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Repair Storm Inlets


Fusion-Crete repairs damaged storm drain inlets without forms. Click photo for solution.
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Pedestrian Walkways


Damage to a bridge pedestrian walkway seems impossible to resolve without replacement. Click photo for solution.
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Fusion-Crete Concrete Repair Product

Fusion-Crete is a proven concrete repair product with 18 years of successful repair and restoration case history.

Fusion-Crete has unmatched versatility and scope of application when compared to other concrete repair products.

Fusion-Crete® is incredibly easy to use. Simply add Fusion-Crete to water and combine with regular Portland cement and sand of any kind to make mortar for repairing or resurfacing concrete. Basic repair mortar average cost is about $4.00 per gallon, including the cost of cement and sand purchased in bags. Bulk masonry sand further reduces mortar cost.

Fusion-Crete can be used to repair, resurface, restore, re-coat, or change the shape or pitch of all types of monolithic concrete infrastructure.

Fusion-Crete copolymer-modified mortar has the ability to be mixed and applied in any consistency from dry pack to slurry coating mixes using one concrete resurfacing product.

Fusion-Crete modified mortar is a concrete repair product that can be applied at any thickness with feather-edge capability.

Fusion-Crete repairs are considered permanent. Our repair case studies for the past 18 years have proven the long-term results with Fusion-Crete.

Municipal procurement agents and large construction company estimators have performed extensive product and cost comparisons searches and found no other product as cost effective as Fusion-Crete, including inferior products.

Fusion-Crete repairs and overlays are fully load bearing with enhanced flexural strength, resistance to abrasion, chemicals, chlorides, and U.V. rays.

Fusion-Crete concrete repair product makes a mortar that has a high coefficient of friction for applying a non-slip surface.

Fusion-Crete concrete repair requires no special tools or training. Industry standard tools and practices apply. Instructions and technical documents are downloadable from our website and technical support is provided by Fusion-Crete of U.S.

Fusion-Crete has unlimited shelf life. Bagged concrete repair products have a maximum shelf life of one year. However, Fusion-Crete can be used as needed and the dry product stored indefinitely. Whenever a repair is needed the dry Fusion-Crete is mixed in water and combined with cement and sand purchased nearby to make the repair mortar or finish coating slurry.

  • Simplicity
  • Versatility compared to other concrete repair products
  • Performance proven in over 20 years of case studies in all climates
  • Unmatched cost effectiveness compared to other concrete repair products
  • Mortar application at any thickness with one product
  • Feather edge performance
  • Ability to mix mortar at any consistency from dry pack to slurry
  • High coefficient of friction for non-slip applications
  • Safe and easy to use
  • No special tools or materials required
  • No special training necessary
  • Small carbon footprint
  • Lightweight product generating low shipping cost

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Rob Robbins A.N.R Services

I would like to express my appreciation for your concrete repair product. Crossroads Concrete used Fusion-Crete to restore a set of concrete stairs, at Old Town Square in Steamboat Springs Co. The stairs were in bad repair due to winter freezing and thawing. With Fusion-Crete they restore not only the stability of the stairs but also the profile, to match perfectly other sets of poured concrete stairs at a fraction of the price of pouring new ones.

Thank you.


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