About Us

Fusion-Crete® is a contactor-grade vinyl copolymer concrete repair product specially designed to make concrete repair mortar with common Portland cement and sand mixtures. Fusion-Crete is one of the most economical and effective concrete repair products on the market and is unmatched in versatility, durability, and cost-effectiveness.

Fusion-Crete of U.S. is the authorized distributor of Fusion-Crete Concrete Repair Product for the entire United States and has maintained an 18 year long successful concrete repair case history. Many of these repairs and restorations were made to concrete subjects in Steamboat Springs, Colorado at 6700 feet above sea level where temperature extremes happen throughout the year and freeze-thaw cycles occur on a daily basis during winter. Because of snow removal by fixed blade equipment and extensive use of chloride based ice melting agents this area is a proving ground for concrete repair products– and Fusion-Crete has proven itself.

Fusion-Crete is a product that will resolve many common problems with concrete: spalling, rot, trip hazards, divots, defects, voids, graffiti, drainage issues, needed surface reshaping, etc.

Fusion-Crete of U.S. takes pride in our concrete repair product and in the technical expertise we provide to every customer using Fusion-Crete. Although no special training is needed for anyone familiar with basic concrete finishing, we provide damage evaluation, repair recommendations, and material estimating. We are positive you won’t find a more versatile or economical solution for damaged concrete. We look forward to speaking with you and helping to resolve your concrete issues.

Contact us now for more information about our Fusion-Crete Concrete Repair Product and let us help you solve your concrete problems quickly and economically!