Fusion-Crete® is foremost among viable and sustainable concrete repair products– it avoids concrete removal and replacement decisions, has positive influences for our global environment, is affordable, and less disruptive. But do not take our word for it. Read what our clients have written about their experiences with Fusion-Crete®…

I would like to express my appreciation for your concrete repair product

Rob Robbins A.N.R Services

I would like to express my appreciation for your concrete repair product. Crossroads Concrete used Fusion-Crete to restore a set of concrete stairs, at Old Town Square in Steamboat Springs Co. The stairs were in bad repair due to winter freezing and thawing. With Fusion-Crete they restore not only the stability of the stairs but also the profile, to match perfectly other sets of poured concrete stairs at a fraction of the price of pouring new ones.

Thank you.

Fusion-Crete® review from Mark Wilson, Pioneer Ridge Properties

Mark Wilson - General Manager - Pioneer Ridge Steamboat Springs, Colorado

As a property manager handling in excess of 150 different properties I am faced several times a year with concrete repairs. In the past the repairs were done the old fashion way by hammering out a large section and then pouring a new slab. I always felt there had to be a better way.

I contacted Chris with Crossroads Concrete Resurfacing and met him at a site to discuss the repair. I was skeptical of the process he described, Fusion-Crete, but once completed was highly impressed. The surface was restored to a like new condition and for half the cost quoted from other companies. The second time we used the Fusion- Crete repair I was again questionable if it would work.

I had cement steps that were crumbling at the touch of your hand and I again didn’t think it would be possible to just repair the step. The repair was done and resulted in a perfectly smooth and safe step and a much less cost than a demo. I won’t hesitate in the future to contact Crossroads and use the Fusion-Crete repair method for all my future concrete needs.

We stand by this product and will be working with Fusion Crete

Alan Koermer - Assistant Resort Manager - The Village at Steamboat

To whom it may concern, The severe winters that we experience in the Rocky Mountains can have a detrimental effect on the concrete curbs at many of our properties. Snow plow blades cause extreme damage to concrete curbs and as the snow melts we are usually left with cracked and worn down curbs.

That is when we call on Mr. Koebnick and Fusion-Crete to restore our curbs to “like new” appearance and functionality. Chris has been using Fusion-Crete at The Village at Steamboat for almost a decade and during that period he has used Fusion-Crete to restore our battered curbs to a pristine condition – while saving us a significant amount of money. The product looks great and the cost savings are monumental. At our property we live on first impressions and appearance, and Fusion-Crete allows us to rebuild our curbs after the winter so we can ensure our guests a great first impression as they drive onto our property.

Having to replace curbs is a tedious and costly task. With Fusion-Crete we are able to quickly bring our curbs a “newness” that would rival an actual new curb project. In addition to quality, cost effectiveness, and increasing the longevity of the curbs at our property, it is nice to know that we may be ultimately reducing our carbon foot print by restoring the curbs rather than tearing them out and rebuilding them.

We feel that Fusion-Crete is a top-rate product that allows us to restore our curbs while saving money and the environment. The appearance of the restored curbs is amazing as is the 70-85% cost savings we are experiencing by restoring the curbs. We stand by this product and will be working with Fusion Crete