Pedestrian Walkways

This bridge pedestrian walkway became so severely damaged by spalling and rot that a child’s leg was torn open when the bicycle he was riding bounced off the exposed rebar and was thrown against the guardrail bolts.

The walkway was restored for under $5000.00 in 2001 and remains in service March 2014.


This restoration illustrates the incredible durability of Fusion-Crete. The subject is a structural ramp used for vehicle and pedestrian traffic with ski boots. The ramp is at the base of the Steamboat ski area which receives up to 450 inches of snow per year, temperatures from minus 50°F to 100°F, snow and ice removal by skid steer loader and chloride based melting agents, and high UV ray exposure. The ramp is located on the southwest facing side of a building with parapet walls that capture sunlight reflected from the building which delivers a thaw cycle about 140 days per year.

The ramp was rotted to a maximum depth of 1.75 inches in 1996. The restoration was completed with Fusion-Crete in early June 1996 at a cost of $1400.00 and remains in excellent condition after 18 years of service.