Over 20 Years of Concrete Repair

Fusion-Crete® is one of the most economical and effective concrete repair products on the market today -- unmatched in versatility, durability and cost-effectiveness. We can attest to this because the owner of Fusion-Crete of U.S., Chris Koebnick, has been restoring concrete with it since 1990, and our service company, Crossroads Concrete Resurfacing, has a history of over two decades of successful concrete repair and restoration. 

Chris and Deanna

Chris and Deanna Summer 2020

We are proud to say that Fusion-Crete of U.S. is the only authorized distributor of Fusion-Crete® in the United States. Our service company, Crossroads Concrete Resurfacing, was founded in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, in 1996 by Chris and his wife, Deanna. 

So how did Chris fall for Fusion-Crete®? A contractor handed him a pail of the concrete repair product in the early 1990s and told him to figure it out. Quickly, Chris became a pro at renovating concrete with Fusion-Crete® and decided to start his own company because he was so impressed with the product. 


  • We have maintained a 24-year-long successful concrete repair case history. That means if you want to see some pictures of concrete repaired with Fusion-Crete® from the last millennium, we’ve you covered. 
  • All photos and videos found on this website are taken from actual work performed by Crossroads Concrete Resurfacing with Fusion-Crete®. 
  • Many of these repairs and restorations were completed in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, at 6,700 feet above sea level; the freeze-thaw cycles and extreme temperatures in the area are super hard on concrete.
  • Because of snow removal by fixed-blade equipment and extensive use of chloride-based ice melting agents, Steamboat is a proving ground for concrete repair products – and Fusion-Crete® has proven itself as the secret to the success of Crossroads Concrete Resurfacing!
  • Crossroads Concrete Resurfacing was chosen by the Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation, the Sheraton Steamboat Villas, the City of Steamboat Springs, Yampa Valley Medical Center, and many others as the preferred contractor for concrete repair and renovation.
  • Hensel Phelps, a large general contractor based in Greely, Colorado, picked Crossroads Concrete Resurfacing and Fusion-Crete® to participate in resurfacing over 10,000 square feet of concrete that was damaged by snow at a Denver multi-level parking structure project. Fusion-Crete® was tested and chosen from five products as the best option for price and durability. This job resulted in an invitation to the Pentagon in the winter of 2002 for a competitive demonstration of concrete products for the remodel of four wedges at the Pentagon.
Crossroads Concrete Resurfacing Crew

Crossroads Concrete  Resurfacing Crew


Crossroads Concrete Resurfacing continues to operate in Steamboat Springs with crews successfully solving concrete problems for our many customers in summer 2020.


Technically speaking, Fusion-Crete® is a contractor-grade vinyl copolymer concrete repair product specially designed to make concrete repair mortar with common Portland cement and sand mixtures.

Fusion-Crete® is a product that will resolve many common problems with concrete: 

  • Spalling
  • Rot
  • Trip Hazards
  • Divots
  • Defects
  • Voids
  • Graffiti
  • Drainage Issues
  • Needed Surface Reshaping such as ramping

Fusion-Crete® is unique because it is a raw copolymer, which can be adjusted by ratio in the mix by the user to match the strength needed for the repair at hand.  Additionally, you do not pay for shipping water, sand, or Portland cement with the purchase of Fusion-Crete®. Another plus: when kept dry, the shelf life of Fusion-Crete® is indefinite.


  • Strength, adhesion and elasticity are needed more in a thin overlay feathering down to zero, so a higher volume of Fusion-Crete® to water is required in these applications. 
    Example: Slurry coat mix is 1 part Fusion-Crete® to 2 parts water combined with 1:1 ratio of Portland cement to sand
  • In a thicker general repair mortar, the Fusion-Crete® to water ratio will be smaller because the thicker application requires less strength and elasticity.
    Example: General repair mortar mix is 1:6 Fusion-Crete® to water combined with 1:2½ ratio of Portland cement to sand

With this ability to vary mix designs, the possibilities are endless -- and lucrative for the contractor. Fusion-Crete® can be used to fix pretty much any concrete issue you encounter!

We’re Here for You: Fusion-Crete of U.S. takes pride in our concrete repair product and in the technical expertise we provide to every customer using Fusion-Crete®. Although no special training is needed for anyone familiar with basic concrete finishing, we provide damage evaluation, repair recommendations, and material estimating. We are positive you will not find a more versatile or economical solution for damaged concrete. We look forward to speaking with you and helping to resolve your concrete issues.

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