Fix Spalling Concrete


Ready for resurfacing - September 2007
Same swath of sidewalk 12.5 years after restoration with Fusion-Crete - April 2020
Replace or repair? That’s the question that must be answered when faced with a need to fix spalling concrete. With Fusion-Crete, you can repair spalling concrete instead of replacing it. Fusion-Crete is durable and budget-friendly. Check out these use cases below!

Problem: In 2007, the walkways at this high-altitude Colorado resort property had become unsightly due to concrete spalling. Spalling is surface damage to concrete that is otherwise sound. The spalling covered 40% of the surface of this 80-foot section of walkway (above left).

Solution: The owners’ association opted to have the fix the concrete spalling with Fusion-Crete rather than have it removed and replaced. This option saved time, money and disruption to residents and renters.

Benefits of using Fusion-Crete to repair spalled walkway:

  • walkway was restored in 3 days (removal & replacement can take up to 2 weeks)
  • Fusion-Crete material cost for repair was less than 10% of the cost of replacement
  • total cost for material & labor was less than 50% of the cost of replacement, making Fusion-Crete resurfacing very lucrative for the contractor and cost-saving for the owner
  • no damage to landscaping & irrigation system (because no heavy machinery/excavation was needed)
  • renters/property owners not affected by disruption/noise/access to property

Results: The property is located at a ski resort receiving up to 400 inches of snow per year. Safety considerations require the use of snowmelt agents in winter. The “after” inspection photo (above right) indicates the repair has held up exceptionally well. Using Fusion-Crete extended the walkway's service life by more than 12 years! Plus, the refurbished Fusion-Crete walkway had no problem standing up to the test of the snowmelt.


Prepped for resurfacing - October 2012
Fusion-Crete application to fix concrete spalling
April 2020 - Looking good 8 years after restoration!

In 2012, potential buyers of this resort property were turned off by concrete spalling on about 300 linear feet of sidewalks near the amenities building. The owners chose Fusion-Crete resurfacing to resolve the issue, as replacement was too expensive. The above inspection photo taken in 2020 revealed another victory for Fusion-Crete resurfacing, with the walkway in excellent condition 8 years later!

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