Fix Pedestrian Walkways


This pedestrian walkway over a bridge to a grocery store was so damaged it presented
liability issues for the property management company, but Fusion-Crete saved the day!

Pedestrian walkways are usually maintained by a municipality or a business. Damaged walkways present possible personal injury to those using the walkway and liability issues for the entity responsible for repair. Use Fusion-Crete to fix pedestrian walkways before the problem gets out of hand!

This pedestrian walkway bridge was so severely damaged by spalling and rot that a child’s leg was torn open when the bicycle he was riding bounced off the exposed rebar, throwing him against the guardrail bolts. At this point, the liability issues associated with the damaged walkway became crystal clear. Looking for an economical and effective way to fix the pedestrian walkway, commercial property management company turned to Fusion-Crete.

The repair of the pedestrian walkway on the bridge was accomplished for under $5,000 in 2001 and remained in service the last time it was checked in March 2014.


This pedestrian walkway repair illustrates the incredible durability of Fusion-Crete!

This repair involved a structural ramp used for vehicle and pedestrian traffic with ski boots. The ramp is at the base of the Steamboat ski area, which receives up to 450 inches of snow per year and where temperatures range from -50°F to 100°F. The ramp is subjected to perpetual snow and ice removal by skid steer loader, chloride-based melting agents, and high UV ray exposure. The ramp is located on the southwest facing side of a building with parapet walls that capture sunlight reflected from the building, which delivers a thaw cycle about 140 days per year.

The ramp was rotted to a maximum depth of 1.75 inches in 1996. The repair of this pedestrian walkway/vehicle passageway was completed with Fusion-Crete in 1996 at a cost of $1,400 and remains in good condition in 2020 -- 24 years later!


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