Repair Broken Curbs


Broken curb prepped and ready for Fusion-Crete repair
by one worker in an hour with $7 of modified mortar
Fresh curb repair with Fusion-Crete. When dry, the
restoration will closely match the original concrete.
It happens every winter – curbs crumble, knocked by plows during snow removal. So what’s the best way to repair broken curbs? Try Fusion-Crete – our formless curb repair technique costs half as much as traditional curb removal and replacement. Check out these use cases below – the proof is in the pictures!

Problem: Snow removal equipment damaged this curb (above left).

Solution: The municipality opted to use the Fusion-Crete curb repair technique to repair the broken curb because tear-out and replacement was too expensive and disruptive.

Benefits of using Fusion-Crete to repair broken curbs:

  • The Fusion-Crete curb repair took only 1 hour & 1 worker to complete
  • The repair technique required the use of hand tools only - no forms needed
  • Labor and materials for this Fusion-Crete formless curb repair cost half as much as traditional tear-out and replacement would have cost
  • The cost of the Fusion-Crete repair mortar materials used in the repair totaled about $7

Results: The municipality was pleased with the results of this quick, cost-effective fix.

See how: Repair Broken Curbs with Fusion-Crete Formless Curb Repair


20 feet of this damaged curb in a downtown
ski area fell apart when prepped in 2018
Restoration of demolished curb section
after Fusion-Crete repair (summer 2018)
Same curb attractively repaired, painted and
completely intact in April 2020 after 2 winters

Repair Broken Curbs Busted by Snow-Removal Equipment

Problem: A 20-foot section of curb head was destroyed by fixed-blade snow removal equipment (above left) on Lincoln Avenue in downtown Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

  • Steamboat is a mountain town receiving up to 400 inches of snowfall per year. Constant snow removal inadvertently causes severe damage to concrete curbs in winter. The city pays for curb repair annually to keep up the appearance of Lincoln Avenue.
  • The curbs in downtown Steamboat are cast in one piece with about 8 feet of concrete road surface, which is 12 inches thick. This makes constant removal and replacement cost-prohibitive.
  • Removing damaged concrete takes heavy equipment. Replacing concrete takes concrete trucks. Bringing in heavy equipment and concrete trucks means closing travel lanes, which results in traffic delays.

Solution: Steamboat Springs opted to use Fusion-Crete to fix broken curbs over removal and replacement to save time and money and avoid the need to close roadways.

Benefits of Using Fusion-Crete to Repair Broken Curbs:

  • Broken curb repairs can be achieved quickly and economically with no need for traffic control
  • No forms or heavy equipment needed
  • Fusion-Crete formless curb repair costs about half as much as curb removal and replacement

Results: The City of Steamboat Springs is incredibly pleased with the curb repairs and has used Fusion-Crete annually for concrete curb repair and renovation for six years running!


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